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Global Business Division



01 Research & Development

Sustainable R&D investment and advanced technology development

Pohas affiliated Research & Development Institute, with Image technology R&D know-how accumulated over the years and superb researchers, is endeavoring on high efficiency, high function Product Research by sustained R&D investment and advanced technology development.

Image technology know-how

Focus on Image technology related R&D (chromakey synthesis techniques) by accumulated experience and most updated research devices.

Creative technological capacity

R&D on superior products by introduction of thermal waxing printer including card printer Research capacity enhanced through external technological alliance on activated C&D (Connect & Development)

Future oriented research capacity enhanced

Future oriented Core Research capacity enhanced using leading edge image technologies Staffed with superior domestic specialized researchers to leap up as Global OEM & ODM specialized company

02Field of Research

Customized Development

  • Vending machine trend analysis, Creative item explored, Case in new material developed, New product development, etc


  • Application and development of high efficiency, high-definition 3D technique
  • Application of various backgrounds and effects
  • Development of interface function with strengthened user convenience


  • Development of hardware upgrade to reduce photomontage and printing time
  • Application and development of hardware applied with multifunction and interworking function with various devise.


  • Development of various service types made to fit the ever-changing media environment such as mobile and SNS
  • Diversification of business through development of own brand and characters


  • Developing various product designs for domestic and international markets
  • Development of design for provision of various print outpus.