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Let’s get a citizen card and be a main character Lego City Trailer Experience with Pix N PopThe event named Lego City Trailer Experience had been held from Mar, 19 to May, 29, 2016 in Korea and Lego City made various lives and looks in our real ci..
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The place of the date for the lovely couple, Hello.. A Hello Kitty caf is based on Hello Kitty, which is very famous all around the world. The representative cafes in Korea are located in Hongdae and Myeong-Dong and these are the popular places where..
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Let’s make my own memory with Ocean World. Ocean World is one of the big aqua parks in Gangwon-Do, Korea. This park is located with Vivaldi park of Daemyung resort and has been loved by many foreign tourists constantly. Ocean World is composed..
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Kids Love PIXNPOP! Kids these days are very natural and do love being photo taken! Since the smart phone release, taking photo has become very likely habituated daily for everyone, especially for young youth and kids..
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“My Own Room Card Key” at Deamyung resort My Own Room Card Key” Pohas and Deamyung worked together and are proudly presenting it. The guests take photo with PIXNPOP, a photo booth vending machine of POHAS, which prints their photos on a plas..
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Pohas’s Attendance at 2015 Melbourne Franchising .. Pohas Co. Ltd. (President Sungbin Ahn), Korea’s exclusive card photo machine and sticker photo machine producer will be attending the Melbourne Franchising & Business Expo 2015 from August 21st to Au..
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Pohas Co.Ltd. - Daemyung Resort : Personalized Roo.. Plans have been unveiled to release a collaborative personal room key card between Pohas Co. Ltd. and Daemyung Resort. From the PIX N POP booth, customers will be able to print their personalized room..
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Pohas Co. Ltd.- KORAIL Retail Co., Ltd.: Subway st.. Pohas Co. and KORAIL Retail Co., Ltd. has signed an agreement to install Pohas Co. Ltd.’s representative product PIX N POP throughout train and subway stations within Korea. The president of Pohas Co..
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PIX N POP in Melbourne & Sydney! Two Consecuti.. Korea’s leading optical and photo equipment development business, Pohas Co. Ltd. will be showcasing its representative photo equipment ‘PIX N POP’ from August 21-23 at the Melbourne Franchising & ..
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POHAS exhibits at Melbourne Franchising Expo 2015 POHAS, a Korean Photo booth vending machine manufacturer and distributor will be exhibiting at one of the biggest Australian franchise shows, “Melbourne Franchising & Business” expo upcoming on Au..
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